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Outfield throwing math
  Below is a link to our outfield throwing math document....
September Practices Start Sept 9
  Fall practices begin on Wednesday, September 9.  Thanks...
KP Pride 2021 Season Tryouts
18u Softball Brochure Link
  Looking for the 2020 KP Pride 18u player brochure? Download it...
Revised 2020 Tournament Schedules
  Revised 2020 Tournament Schedules The REVISED 2020 schedules...
Outfield throwing math


Below is a link to our outfield throwing math document. All players will need to know how to determine where to throw the ball. Use this doc as a study guide. Pride Outfield Math.pdf

by posted 09/16/2020
September Practices Start Sept 9


Fall practices begin on Wednesday, September 9. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in tryouts. We were able to find a place for all interested players and team assignments have been sent.


If you haven't received a team assignment email (or spoken to a member of the coaching staff directly) then please contact us. That indiates we probably don't have your correct contact info



KP Pride fall practice schedules by team:


10u developmental

Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:30

Sundays from 8:30-10


12u teams

Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:30

Sundays from 9:00 to 11:00


14u team

Thursdays from 5:00 to 7:00

Sundays from 10:00 to Noon


18u teams

Thursdays from 6:00 to 9:00

Sundays from 11:00 to 1:00pm


by posted 09/06/2020
KP Pride 2021 Season Tryouts


KP Pride 2021 Season Tryouts


KP Pride softball tryouts will take place on the dates below. Our teams are predominantly comprised of Norfolk, Plainville and Wrentham players however occasionally we accept players from area towns.


Dates and Location 

18u tryouts 

8/19 6 PM until 9 PM

8/22 9 AM until 12 noon

12u tryouts

8/27 6 PM until 9 PM

8/30 9 AM until 12 noon  ** in Norfolk **

14u tryouts

8/26 6 PM until 9 PM

8/29 9 AM until 12 noon

10u tryouts

8/27 6 PM until 8 PM

8/30 9 AM until 11 AM ** in Norfolk **


All but the 8/30 tryout will be held at the PAL complex:

35 Everett Skinner Rd, Plainville, MA 02762

8/30 session (both 10u and 12u) will be held at the Freeman Kennedy School in Norfolk:

70 Boardman St, Norfolk, MA 02056


Our Mission:

KP Pride has always been focused on preparing players for high school softball. We will retain that focus in 2021 while adding a college showcase team. With so many solid HS players in the pipeline, it’s time to help them land in a college program that‘s right for them. We’ll provide this additional service at a reasonable cost.


Our team alignment for next season will be ONE team at each level below:

18u College Showcase team

18u Regional team

14u Regional team

12u Regional team

10u Developmental squad 


What’s the difference between the two 18u teams?

18u College Showcase: Players on the showcase team must play in HS and intend to play in college. They’ll have the most challenging schedule and the most extensive travel. Most play will be within New England but we are looking for an event in the Mid Atlantic region or New York. (Exact schedule TBD) They’ll play at multiple college showcase events. Players will learn how to market themselves to collegiate programs in addition to having access to our extensive recruiting network. It is possible for any high school age player to earn a spot on this team. We’re looking for the most talented and motivated players in our organization. Pursuing a college softball experience should be the players ultimate goal.


18u Regional: Most members of this team will be players who are  one year away from college showcase age. It’s a great spot for top 14u and 16u eligible players who want to play above their age level, facing older competition. Young players should play here if they want to be pushed to the next level via our instruction and challenging schedule. The goal for most will be to work hard for a year, grow, improve and earn a spot on the 2022 showcase team. They’ll play within the New England region. 18u eligible players who do not want to play in HS or college can also make this roster. 


14u and 12u teams will play regional competition as they have for the last several years. We tend to promote kids above their age levels so they face more difficult competition, accelerating their development. 


Our 10u developmental squad will benefit from our thorough practices. Our practices build the skills that allow motivated kids to make the jump to the next level. This group will play a few games at our home complex in Plainville, but they won't have an extensive tournament schedule. If they're ready, at the end of the season they'll play a home tournament to have that experience before moving to the 12u level. 


Our annual fees:

18u College Showcase $1,200

18u Regional $900

14u Regional $700

12u Regional $500

10u Developmental squad $250


About our fees: KP Pride fees are very low. We feel the value of instruction given surpasses the cost. We’ve never turned a player away because of inability to pay. If cost is a concern, please contact us privately. We are a non-profit organization. The only org members who receive a stipend are our college age coaches. They play a valuable role as instructors and role models for our players. It’s not reasonable to expect these young adults to volunteer their time when they could be earning actual money elsewhere. 


Please contact us with any questions you may have. 


by posted 08/05/2020
18u Softball Brochure Link


Looking for the 2020 KP Pride 18u player brochure? Download it here:

by posted 07/09/2020
Revised 2020 Tournament Schedules


Revised 2020 Tournament Schedules

The REVISED 2020 schedules are now ready. Below is a link to a PDF schedule for each team. 


10u Schedule

12u White Schedule

12u Green Schedule

14u Schedule

16u Schedule

18u Schedule

by posted 06/24/2020
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