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Why KP Pride?

There are lots of travel softball programs in the area. Why should my family choose KP Pride?


Pride focuses on teaching long-term softball and life skills. We emphasize different goals than most other programs. Pride focuses on long term skill development, preparing players to be great high school players starting as early as age 9 or 10. KP High School has a long tradition of producing strong softball teams, regularly competing for state championships despite the relatively small size of our three towns. But dealing with adversity in competitive environments is even more important in life outside of softball. Through top quality instruction and coaching we teach softball and life skills that will stay with players into HS, college and as adults.

Practice, practice, practice!

KP Pride runs great practices. They're a softball learning environment that will challenge your kids to make mental and physical strides. The instruction alone is worth the cost of the annual fee. Area coaches often come to watch, learn and adopt Pride practice techniques. 


Another distinction is what we choose NOT to teach. For instance, we don’t waste time teaching trick softball plays that stop working at age 14. Instead we focus on strong fundamentals that the kids carry forward. Our goal is for Pride players to know the game and become more prepared for pressure situations than their competition.


Pride provides a year of top notch softball instruction for a reasonable annual fee compared to other programs in the area.

Try us out

Practice for free: If you’re not sure the commitment is right for your family, come to a tryout and see how it feels. KP Pride allows any player to participate in practices regardless of whether they commit to one of our full-time travel softball teams.

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