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Ed Keene Memorial Day Tournament - Sign-Ups

Field and Snack Shack Sign-ups


The Ed Keene Memorial Day Tournament is fast approaching. The tournament schedule is now live on Tourney Machine and on the website. There is an adjustment being made to the sign-up process and is described below.

The sign-ups will be open for all to choose their desired shifts. The deadline to choose your shifts was Tuesday night. Please take 1 shift on Saturday and 1 shift on Sunday to ensure full coverage. Any family that has not signed-up will be randomly scheduled for the open shifts. If you are unable to work the assigned shift, you will need to work with the parents on your daughter’s team to fill the open shift.

Each of the 3 locations have volunteer slots that need to be filled and the sign-up links are below:

This will be one of the largest tournaments we have run and will be hosted within all 3 towns for the first time in recent history. This is a great showing by the KP community and will require that we ALL step up to help ensure this tournament is a success.

Thank you for the continued support of the KP community and Pride Softball!!


** If you are not receiving emails from KP Pride Softball, please contact Tom (

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