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25th Annual Ed Keene
Memorial Day Tournament

May  24th - 26th, 2024

The Ed Keene Memorial Day tournament is a USA Softball sanctioned tournament hosted by the Plainville Athletic League and managed by KP Pride Softball. There will be competitive games in our 10U, 12U, and 14U divisions within our local area.

Team Registrations

Tournament Payment

Payment by check shall be made payable to:

KP Pride Softball 

6 Farrier Way

Plainville, MA 02762

Click the button below to pay by credit card. Pay-in-Full and Deposit options are available. 

Field Locations

Plainville Athletic League Complex

Everett Skinner Rd, Plainville, MA 02762

  • Fields

    • Watters (Main Field)

    • Nelson (Behind Watters)

    • Eisele (Lower Field)

Freeman-Kennedy Middle School

70 Boardman St, Norfolk, MA 02056

  • Fields

    • Field 2 (Snack Shack)​

    • Field 4 (Back Field)

    • Field 7 (Parking Lot)

Complex Guidelines


  • No Pets – i.e., NO dogs allowed on premises

  • No Alcohol policy will be strictly enforced

  • No BBQs at the fields (concession stands are at each complex)

  • Parents and players are to clean-up after finishing a game.

  • Post-Game: Due to tight scheduling, all post game activities are to take place in the outfield or outside the field to allow for field prep for the next game.

Tournament Rules

  • Rules to note:

    • USA Softball Rules in effect

    • A minimum time limit of 1:30 minutes. Once an inning begins and time expires, the inning must be completed per USA Softball rules. Exceptions to this rule will be allowed in cases of inclement weather.

    • No Time limit for Championship games unless otherwise noted by the tourney director

    • Home team is official scorer, please validate score between innings. ANY and ALL disputes shall be directed to the umpire crew at the time of the score challenge!

    • ALL head coaches MUST report their teams scores. We expect to receive score from both teams. Any games without scores reported will go down as a 7-7 tie.

  • Batting

    • Pool Play Games - The following batting line-ups are allowed.

      • Straight 9 and/or DP/Flex - Teams may bat 9 players with or without the DP/Flex.

      • Continuous Order - When batting “up to” all roster players, any additional batter(s) shall be listed as an EP and may be listed anywhere in the batting order and may play defense as any position.

      • Example - A team may choose to bat 11 players and list one additional player as a substitute. A team is NOT required to bat all 12 players.

    • Elimination Games

      • Teams may use “straight 9” or DP/Flex. Both lines may use only one EP in their lineup (a max batting order of 10 players).

Teams that bat everyone in their line-up will take an out if a player is removed for any reason other than an ejection. Teams will not be allowed courtesy runners, pinch runners or pinch hitters when batting everyone. If a player is ejected when batting everyone, the game will be forfeited.

  • Tiebreakers - Single elimination seeded brackets will be set using the following:

  1. Rank teams by winning percentage in their pool

    • If two teams are tied, compare head to head win-loss. If more than 2 teams are tied, skip this step

  2. If teams are tied, rank based on fewest runs allowed per game

  3. If teams are tied, rank based on most runs scored per game

  4. If teams are tied, a coin toss is used

  • Run Ahead Rule

    • ​Game will be complete if a team is ahead by the following runs:

      • 15 runs after 3 innings,

      • 12 runs after 4 innings,

      • 8 runs after 5 innings.

    • The run ahead rule will be in-effect for both pool and elimination games

Schedules, Scores and Tourney Machine

This tournament will utilize the Tourney Machine App to record scores, provide updates, and seed brackets. 

  • Coaches & Managers: Please report your scores at the end of each game, regardless of if you won or lost, to the tournament directors, Chuck (508) 243-1150 and Tom (508) 642-7552. Email

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