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Busy Tournament Weekend!!

The KP Pride organization has a very busy weekend of tournaments, with 5 of the 6 teams in actions. This will easily be our busiest weekend of the year where we will need everyone's support to help make this a great experience for the teams.

The action starts early tomorrow morning with our 14U teams and will end later on Sunday for 18U Gold, and hopefully some of our other teams. All details are captured in Game Changer for each team. If you do not have access please download the green Game Changer app on your mobile device and find the teams.

Below are the schedules per team:

(click on team to expand to see schedule)

KP Pride 10U

KP Pride 12U White

KP Pride 12U Green

KP Pride 14U

KP Pride 18U Gold

Good luck to all our teams this weekend! We look forward to hearing great stories of your player development!

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