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Halloween Bash Tournament

Parent Sign-Ups

This should not be considered a volunteer opportunity but a requirement from each of the parents in the program, especially those on-site for the tournaments. This requires all of us to cover field maintenance, tournament shirt sales, and Norfolk snack-shack duty.

AS PART OF YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE PROGRAM, WHICH ALLOWS FOR KEEPING THE PROGRAM FEES TO A MINIMUM, WE ARE ASKING FOR A MINIMUM OF 1 SHIFT PER DAY UNTIL ALL SHIFTS ARE FILLED. ANY SPOTS THAT REMAIN UNFILLED WILL BE REANDOMLY ASSIGNED. Chuck, Bill, Adam, and coaches should not be running around trying to get fields prepped and the teams ready. Their focus should be solely on the teams.

Please sign-up today by clicking on the button below.

**Norfolk is asking for 2 crockpots of food per shift on Saturday. Please message the 12U team through GameChanger to coordinate or reach out to Michele St. Laurent (


Below are the teams schedules:



Game Time



KP Pride 12U


6:00 PM


Metrowest Thunder 12U

KP Pride 14U


7:45 PM

PAL - Watters

Walpole Crush 14U

KP Pride 12U


8:30 AM

PAL - Eisele

NE Stars 2K10

KP Pride 12U


10:45 PM

Norfolk - Field 2

Cape Cod Chaos 12U

KP Pride 14U


2:15 PM

PAL - Nelson

Northeast Hurricanes Beeley 14U

KP Pride 12U


4:00 PM

Norfolk - Field 2

Diamonds 12U

KP Pride 14U


5:45 PM

PAL - Watters

RI Thunder 14U

You may also find the details including the Sunday Bracket details on TourneyMachine.

12U Parent Meeting

At the conclusion of tonights practice, we ask that you stay to meet with the coaches to discuss the plan for this weekends game. Additional details will be sent if you are unable to attend.

In closing, thank you in advance and lets have a great weekend of support for our softball teams and the KP Pride program!

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1 Comment

Oct 28, 2022

There are still open spots in the Sign-ups that need to be filled. Field duty in Plainville is needed tomorrow morning and Sunday sign-ups are still very light. Let's finish the season with a strong showing by the program so that teams will want to come back to play next year.

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